Dipping In Melted Bark

by Patt

Having trouble dipping in melted bark...

How do you dip soft candy or cake balls in melted bark & keep it looking yummy? After dipping 6-8 pieces of the item being dipped, the bark starts getting hard & looks a mess.

Hi Patt,

That generally happens whether your are using melted bark or any type of melted chocolate. It's just a matter of the temperature cooling down and the bark starting to set.

What you can do is stop and reheat the melted bark until it is a good consistency again.

One ideas is if you have an electric frying pan that has a very low setting, you can put water in the pan on low and place your bowl of melted bark in the water to keep it at a consistent temperature while you are working with it.

Just DON'T burn the mixture by letting it get too hot. You can't save it if you do.

Hope that helps!

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