Dipped Angel Food Candy

by Kaye

Dipped Angel Food Candy

Dipped Angel Food Candy

How do you prevent the discoloration of the choc. on dipped angel food candy?

When I make angel food candy, I use white sugar, Karo syrup, baking soda, vinegar.

When I dip the angel food in chocolate, it will inevitably have light circle specs all over the candy. How can this be prevented?


Hi Kaye,

Mmmmm. That's a really yummy treat. For anyone wanting to give it a try here's the recipe for angel food candy.

Usually when chocolate gets spotty or discolored it is because of temperature changes or moisture. It's referred to as "bloom." I'm definitely going to have to add a page on bloom because many people have this same question. :-)

There is sugar bloom and fat bloom. Fat bloom happens when the chocolate melts and resets (like when you forget it in the bottom of your handbag). :)

Sugar bloom usually occurs when you place your candy in the fridge or freezer to make it set quicker. The change in the temperature, particularly when returning it to room temperature can cause the sugar to separate and make white marks on the surface.

Bloom won't make your dipped angel food candy taste bad, but it doesn't look as gorgeous as you might like.

If you think that may be your problem, try to let the chocolate set at room temperature. If it's too warm for that or you are in a hurry, go ahead and chill it, but when you take it out, cover it with a towel to help prevent condensation while it is changing temperatures.

Hope that helps solve your dilemma!

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