Defrosting and Refreezing Chocolate Candies

by Maria Kauflin
(Dayton, Ohio)

Hi! I've got a question about defrosting and refreezing chocolate candies.

I am going to be selling my homemade buckeyes (peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate) at some craft fairs this fall. I have been making them and freezing them for the last couple of weeks.

When I go to sell them, I will defrost and package them. My question is this... can I defrost them, and then if some don't sell, re-wrap them and re-freeze?

They will be re-frozen for a couple of weeks and then defrosted again for the next craft fair. They will be defrosted in the fridge and then kept in coolers at the fairs, so they will be defrosted but a tad bit cold.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Maria,

I absolutely LOVE homemade buckeyes! Mmmmm. I wish I could give you an absolute answer about defrosting and refreezing these chocolate candies.

I've defrosted and refroze chocolate fudge, but I haven't tried doing the same with chocolate covered peanut butter balls. It seems that they should be fine as long as you are careful about not allowing condensation to build up on the chocolate. That could create chocolate bloom.

Apart from that, I don't see any reason why they shouldn't keep fine. There's nothing in the ingredients that you should have to worry about.

I guess experience is going to be the final teacher on this one. Let us know how it works out for you.

Actually, it would be so great if you sold them all so quickly you never had to refreeze! :)

To your success!

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Oct 26, 2009
Using Dry Ice To Keep Chocolates Fresh
by: Angie

Sounds like a great solution, Maria. I hope it works out as planned.

I'm glad you are enjoying Chocolate Candy Mall. If you ever have further questions about how to build a site of your own using SBI, just let me know. I'm always glad to help.

Let us know how the sales go!

Oct 25, 2009
Thank you!
by: Maria

Thank you, Angie! I've actually decided to purchase some dry ice packs to keep in one cooler with my frozen, non-packaged ones. I'll package a few boxes and keep them in a seperate cooler to sell, and when I need more packaged, my mother in law will be at the craft fairs to help me out with that should I need it. I'm so OCD about these types of things... I'd worry about defrosting and re-freezing even though you told me not to! :) I really like your site, and I'm definitely going to check out the service that has helped you set up such a nice one.
Keep up the good work! Maria

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