DeBrand Chocolates
Fort Wayne, IN

Debrand Chocolates

The first time I heard about DeBrand Chocolates was early 2009, when one of the visitors to took the time to tell me about them.

I was still in Australia at the time, but knew I would be in Fort Wayne, Indiana, later this year. I made a note to be sure to stop in and have a taste of the gourmet chocolate at DeBrand Fine Chocolates.

I ended up with much more than I bargained for! First of all, I was contacted by the owners, Timothy and Cathy Beere, and invited on a personal tour of their headquarters. You know me. I wouldn't dream of refusing! :)

When I walked into DeBrands Chocolate (Fort Wayne, IN) for the first time, I was truly impressed. Their signature chocolate color scheme is extremely classy and sets the tone for a rich experience.

debrand chocolates

I brought my camera along and took some pictures for the rest of you to see, just in case you never get the chance to visit in person.

On one end was a spotless glass showcase with a full range of chocolate delights on display. Molded chocolates, truffles, tasting bars, and adorable gift chocolates are just a few of the choices you'll have to tempt you.

At the other end of this magical room, you'll find an upscale cafe setting where you can purchase and indulge in your choice of hot chocolates, coffees, teas, floats, desserts, and ice creams. DeBrand Chocolates is the perfect place for a girls' afternoon get-together or for a fellow to take a date he really wants to impress.

Touring DeBrands Chocolate, Fort Wayne, IN

After meeting Tim and Cathy, Tim gave me the grand tour. You can take a tour, too, if you're in town on a Tuesday or Thursday.

You'll get to see the kitchens where the delicate chocolate making process takes place. I missed seeing the equipment in action, but I was still fascinated by the layout of the candy making environment.

I Got Free Samples!

debrand chocolates

I have to admit that Tim and Cathy spoiled me a bit. :) As I progressed through my private tour, I was generously given a number of their mouthwatering gourmet chocolates to taste test myself.

I had a couple of the DeBrand classic molded chocolates right then and there and walked out with a nice little selection to savor in the days that followed.

Just by looking at the photo, you can probably guess some of the wonderful flavors I enjoyed - apricot cream, cherries & cream, honey pecan, rhubarb caramel, raspberries & cream, and more.

Truffles and Exotic Flavors

debrand chocolates

I didn't just get to taste from the DeBrand chocolates classic selection, I also had the chance to experience a few of their mouthwatering truffles and the exotic flavors of their Connoisseur Collection.

Imagine a key lime truffle covered in white chocolate, or a dark chocolate truffle blended with coffee and covered in milk chocolate. Is your mouth watering yet?

Are you a little more adventurous? You'd love DeBrand chocolates Aztec, Brazil, Jasmine, Valencia, or Pistachio flavors from their artisan collection. That's just a small sampling of the DeBrand Fine Chocolates available for your delectation.

debrand chocolates

Not only did I enjoy every delicious morsel of the chocolate pieces I've already described, but I also took home some tasting bars. They are cute and scrumptious.

The DeBrand Tasting Bars have a unique wrapper. You might at first think that they were damaged during delivery, but in reality it's a very clever design that gives the impression that the chocolate is just so good you can't help but tear into it!

The inner gold wrapper and bar are divided into various sizes - nibbles, bites, and chunks. I have a tendency to want to polish off the whole bar in one sitting, but I can appreciate the fact that you "should" show a little moderation at times. :)

The flavors I tried were Java Jarrah, Sweet Potato Pie, Mahogany, and Peanut Butter Brittle. Don't ask me my favorite. They were all fantastic!

debrand chocolates

Finally, I want to tell you about some of the gift ideas and options you'll find at DeBrand Chocolates. Chocolate business cards and gift cards are cleverly designed to hold your own business card or note card to make an impressive presentation.

You'll also find gourmet chocolate covered pretzel rods, marshmallows, peanut butter cups, wedding favors, engraved chocolates and more.

I had a wonderful time visiting DeBrand Chocolates in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Special thanks to Tim and Cathy Beere for their great hospitality (and even better chocolate!). I hope you'll get the chance to visit DeBrand Fine Chocolates in person or at the very least sample their gourmet chocolates by ordering online from DeBrand.

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