Custom Chocolate Mold

by Dan

Where can you find a custom chocolate mold?

I would like to be able to buy a mold of a modern professional style camcorder. NOT an old-fashioned old-hat obsolete 1940's style movie-camera mold.

I have scoured Google pictures ebay, amazon, and many other sites and am amazed that I can't find this simple item.

Given the massive cultural domination of cinema and the fact that billions of people are interested in film and home movie making and kids of being aspiring film makers and directors, I find it almost unbelievable that the companies making these chocolate molds have not yet thought to update the obsolete movie-camera archetypal image, and bring out a nice professional style modern camcorder mold.

So, can you direct me to one that you sell, or can you give me the contact email address/website of the company that actually manufactures the molds?

Hope you can help.


P.S. Here is a photo of the sort of design I would like to buy:

Hi Dan,

I've never seen a camcorder mold like you are describing either, now that you mention it. :) I did a quick look, too, and couldn't locate one.

Getting a custom chocolate mold made up is pretty pricey, but if you really want one and price isn't an issue, you can order one through this page at Candyland Crafts.

Hope that helps!

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