Custom Chocolate Candy Mold

I need some advice about a custom chocolate candy mold.

I want to make many chocolate blank rounds with a shiny smooth surface and straight edges at the rims (not tapered). The dimensions I need are 1.5" diameter by .2" thick. I haven't found this exact size in the commercial molds sold, after numerous internet searches, so I'm looking to make a custom mold.

After looking at many options, like vacuum forming food grade plastics, thermoforming plastic, molding food grade silicone, and reading about some of the hazards of plastics used with food, we were wondering whether there is a good method to do this using a metal mold.

This size chocolate round seems to be commercially made all over the world for foil wrapped chocolate coins, and it appears that these are made by large automated machines, using molds of polished metal.

How would one modify the large scale automated production to a home scale for making these chocolate blank rounds with a metal mold?

What is the best type of metal that would easily release the molded chocolate?

It sounds like in the 1800's, cast iron was used. Stainless steel, tin-plated steel, or cast iron? Would I need to obtain a sheet of food grade metal and machine the disc cavities into it? It sounds like silicone would be easier to make and demould, but again, the health and safety of these materials, is questionable, although approved by the FDA.

Do you have a website or reference that can inform on the best way to make a chocolate blank rounds of those dimensions with a custom metal mold, without spending too much?

Boy, that's a tough one.
I honestly don't know the answer regarding making a custom metal mold. I'd be inclined to check at local machinist or metal worker shops and talk to the guys there and see what they would recommend.

Really though, I would probably go with the plastic molds myself if the metal ones just aren't feasible or in your price range.

I know that Candyland Crafts will design a mold to your specification if you ask. Their chocolate molds are pretty inexpensive, so I don't think it would be too dear to have them make it up for you. If you aren't sure what they can do, give them a ring at 1-877-487-4289 and speak to them in person. Tell them you asked me and I suggested you contact them about it.

I know you are concerned about the health risks. I don't blame you, I suppose. It seems just about everything is a health risk these days.

Realistically, though, how many of these chocolates is one person going to eat? In the grand scheme of things, unless you are going to make it a regular part of your diet (wouldn't I love to) you probably don't have to be overly concerned. Something else will get you if this doesn't. :-)

The melting point of chocolate is much lower than a boiled candy, so the temperatures aren't very high. Also, the chocolate will only be in contact with the plastic for a very short amount of time. It may not pose too great a threat. Hmmm, just thinking out loud.

Well, if any other visitors have a suggestion for this custom chocolate mold dilemma, please chime in.

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Feb 05, 2013
All we do is custom chocolate molds NEW
by: Dan Miller

Hello all,

I am a small business and all we do is custom chocolate molds.

Our prices are very reasonable and mostly around our general $96.95 pricing including the shipping.
You can visit our web site at and take a look at our gallery there to see the kinds of molds we usually make for folks.

We also make monogrammed molds, and sometimes we will make molds from badges and other items depending on the design of the part and if it can be done or not.

We do a lot of custom molds for weddings, business promotion, and other events and have been doing this for many years.

We use only food grade PETG plastic for our chocolate molds. We do not make any polycarbonate molds at all as that material puts of BPA no matter what the conditions are or the food that comes into contact with it.

Sometimes we also make custom soap molds but we use a different material called HIPS which is a white plastic that withstands a lot more heat than the chocolate mold material.

Our Order Here page has the pricing and other info at the top of the page. I am happy to take calls if you have any questions and you can use our Contact Us page to get our phone and address info.


Feb 20, 2011
by: Arun

I really wish to see a fork made in pure chocolate, and in true fork shape. Because, in my opinion, the fangs ( or spiked arms ) of the fork will break even before you have taken the chocolate out of a mould, should the mould be available.

Feb 19, 2011
Silverware mold
by: Tiffany Robson

I am looking for a chocolate candy mold that includes a spoon, fork and knife and life size and I am frustuated becayse I can not find one! I have found molds for spoon but it would be nice to fund a mold with a set of silverware!

Jan 06, 2010
Custom moulds
by: Anonymous


Good place for inexpensive custom moulds, and quite friendly people.

Dec 03, 2008
How To Mold Silicone
by: Angie

The Silicone is a good idea, but you would still need a 'mold' to shape the silicone into the right size and shape for the cavities you need.

I assume you are referring to getting the silicone and creating your own molds using it. What would you pour the silicone into? See what I mean?

Still, for those who do have a particular shape that they can mold around or something, silicone is an option worth considering.

Dec 03, 2008
silicone mold
by: Anonymous

I would just use food-safe Silicone. sells enough to make a nice big mold for about $20. Food safe silicone will provide an extremely smooth surface, is easy to work with, and is safe up to 400 degrees!

Apr 28, 2008
Custom Chocolate Mold Help
by: Angie

Thanks for adding that additional and specific information. I know that sometimes nothing will do but to have a custom chocolate mold designed to specifications.

I'm more than happy with the wide variety you all carry, but others may need something specific. I know one person I ran into was looking for an exact size so that it would fit into a coin operated machine. If the measurements weren't exact, the chocolates wouldn't fit and drop as they needed to.

It would be interesting to know what this particular visitor has in mind for his 'chocolate rounds.'

Apr 28, 2008
Custom Chocolate Mold
by: Joe Hussar

From your comments, although you plan to make "many" chocolate blanks - mold cost is still a concern - so my guess is the quantities you intend to make are in fact "somewhat" limited. (since the per unit cost of the chocolate blanks will decrease in direct proportion to the production quantity planned - given a high enough quantity of production mold cost becomes almost inconsequential).

So I agree with the original comment that getting plastic molds would probably be the lowest cost approach.

At Candyland Crafts you could get a custom mold made for what you are after - at a cost of around $450 (assuming 12 individual cavities). This includes the cost of 11 individual plastic molds (made from the custom mold), so that would set you up with the capacity of producing "132 chocolate pieces/batch" (11 molds, 12 cavities each).

Molds can be reused and reused, so it would be probably be conservative to say you could get 6000 pieces or more. You could also purchase as many additional plastic molds as you wanted from the custom mold (which you paid for and own), at a cost of $2.50 per mold.

The only other comment I would make is for you to take a close look at what's actually available because there are a a lot of "mint" molds available and some of them may in fact be close to what you'd like. You might find that by adjusting the physical size requirement just a little you can be in business quickly and at the lowest cost.

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