Cooking Fudge on Electric Stove or Gas Stove

by Renee

What is the difference in cooking fudge on electric stove or gas stove?

I am use to cooking fudge on a gas stove. I have cooked it for years using a candy thermometer and letting the candy reach 234 degrees or softball stage...

I've recently married and my husband has an electric stove in his house. I cooked the fudge the way I always do, but it turned out very dry as soon as the peanut butter chips hit the sugar mixture.

That has never happened before. What should I do different using the electric stove?

Hi Renee,

I know exactly what you're talking about. I grew up using gas and had to switch to electric for a while after I married.

The main differences between cooking with electric and gas are the speed in which temperatures rise and fall.

Gas provides the heat source immediately and goes off immediately, too. Electric has a gradual rise and a very gradual fall, too. You can't leave a pot on the electric burner because it will continue to cook.

Did you use your candy thermometer in making the fudge this time? That should have helped you keep things right.

You may need to use a lower temperature on the electric stovetop and cook your fudge more gradually.

Anyone else have any suggestions for Renee?


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Sep 03, 2021
Electric Stove Work being Poor and a Damn good Chef NEW
by: Roger Leclerc III

Hey, I have been working on this exact problem for years. Okay so if you cant keep your temp within that sweet spot where the temp rises but not burns and hits the temp but stops right then. Use a double boiler after you get everything mixed and going, "the second half of the process" get the water boiling and use that to get your temperature to rise, you can use a thermometer or some cold water and a bit of the fudge just be ready to constantly check on it until it is good. Once complete pour it into a cool pan to sit for a bit before you beat it and pour it into its final pan.

Jul 28, 2015
Perfect fudge on electric stove NEW
by: Susan Brooks

Making fudge last year on my electric stove was a nightmare. The problem is the direct heat and super-overheats the pan, (and yes the thermometer read correct.) SIMPLE $1.98 SOLUTION ! On Amazon I ordered a metal filament "HEAT DIFUSER". I USE THE DIFUSER on the smallest burner with my 3 quart pan with the heat set on #5. The quality of the fudge is actually better than on my gas stove.

May 31, 2015
Gas stove trouble with making fudge NEW
by: Mike

Hi I have always cooked my fudge on an electric stove, but just bought a house with a gas stove in it.
I do everything as normal including the pans but it's as if it over cooks really fast and drys out.
Can anyone help me out as to what to do ?
Thank you Mike

Dec 15, 2014
Making Fudge on a glass cook top NEW
by: Susan Brooks

I have been the fudge lady for years. Perfect every time on my gas range. In July I moved and now have electric. This has been a game changer. I think it is the prolonged direct heat that changes the properties of the butter , sugar and cream. I even transferred the 233 degree mixture into a slightly pre heated pan. That did not make any difference. I am going to order a heat diffuser available on amazon. I read all the descriptions and feel the SS bent wire will work best. I will tell you how this works at a future date. Otherwise I will be making fudge on a camp stove next [email protected]

Oct 21, 2012
Trouble Cooking Fudge On Electric Stove NEW
by: Angie from

My best suggestion is to get one of those single burner gas camp stoves that can sit right on the counter-top. I think you can find them at Walmart for about $20.

You can use it for making your fudge, but it also comes in handy when the power goes out. :) We have a couple of them and they are great.


Oct 21, 2012
Having same problem NEW
by: Anonymous

I replaced my old electric stove with new one and now my fudge never turns out right anymore. I have great thermometer, use same pan so it is the stove. I think the burner cycles on and off and causes this. Any ideas what to do?

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