Coloring Fondant Centers

by Mandy
(Colorado Springs, CO)

What to use for coloring fondant centers for truffles?

Hello again. I'm back with several questions...

I've searched your past posts, and I did not find the answers to my questions. So thank you for taking the time in answering them.

I would like to color my fondant centers in my truffles a mint green color and a mint flavoring.

I bought some truffles at a local chocolate shop and in the centers it was a fondant with a light mint green color and a mint flavoring. They also used the same green color to paint lines in the mold before molding with chocolate.

I've purchased some mint flavoring. That was the easy part! lol.

I was looking online at the oil-based colors for chocolates and I did not see the mint green color listed by a picture. They had others that were a dark grass green. I did not want that color. I know that I would not want to use any water-based food coloring or the chocolate will seize and be ruined. So I am looking at oil-based.

I came across Mercken’s candy coatings. I believe that I see the picture of the green color here at Candyland Crafts. Second row, far left, first row, right under the white.

  1. Can I use Mercken’s for this purpose of coloring the fondant?
  2. Does it add any flavor?
  3. Do I need to add a mint flavor also?
  4. Is Mercken's used for high end products?
  5. Is it of good quality?

I also bought some colored coca butter. Can I add some of that to the fondant for other colors that I may want?

So many questions, so
little time!!! Quote of the day. lol

Thanks again..

Hi Mandy,

Glad to help if I can. First of all, you can use regular food coloring for your fondant if you want. You won't have the same problem with seizing like you would when working with chocolate.

Also, even if you had a dark green, you would just work in a drop or two at a time until you get the desired color. Obviously the fondant is white so as you knead in a little dark green, you will start out with a light green color. The more you add the darker it will get.

Secondly, the Merckens chocolate candy writers are a good quality brand and should work very well for decorating the outside of your truffles. The color you have pointed out looks great for a mint filled truffle.

I wouldn't use it to color the fondant. I would stick with food/candy colorings for that, and use the flavoring to add the mint flavor. The candy writers would not add flavor.

I think these are designed for writing on the finished molded chocolate candy, but I don't really see why they wouldn't work for filling in the details on the mold before filling with regular chocolate.

Generally, you would use colored candy melts for that (they have light green), but this is essentially the same thing. It just costs more for the convenience of having them already in the tubes. It would just be a matter of your budget and the ease of use of the candy writer.

Hope I covered everything. Can't wait to see your finished truffles!


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