Colored Chocolate Lollipops

by Camille Arizona


I am a beginner when it comes to making colored chocolate lollipops.

I have been doing some research online and I am finding different ways to add color to the lollipops, but what is the best/easiest way to make those cute colorful chocolate lollipops?

I found that you can use candy decorating pens, candy melts, or add food coloring to white chocolate.

I just want to be able to put some coloring on the front of the lollipop, then add in the chocolate.

Too many options, please help!

Hi Camille,

I think it's a matter of preference as to how you color the chocolate you use. Colored melts are the easiest because they come already a specific color of your choosing. All you have to do is melt them.

But really, it isn't much more difficult to color the white chocolate yourself if you want a shade or color not available in the melts or if you want to use a particular brand of white chocolate that you prefer.

You just pick up some color for tinting chocolate at Candyland Crafts and mix up your preferred color by adding some to the melted white chocolate.

As for the easiest way to get the colored chocolate in the lollipop molds, I think a little paint brush works great. You can usually pick up a package at the dollar store and then just "paint" in the desired details on the molds first.

Let that chocolate set and fill the rest of the way with the main chocolate you are using for the rest of the lollipop.

If you have a lot of chocolate molded lollipops to make, you may find it worth your while to get a squeeze bottle for filling up the rest of the molds without a lot of mess.

I hope you'll take some photos and show off your first adventure with making colored chocolate lollipops. We'd love to see them!


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