Color White Chocolate Wafers

by Mary Kay Allen
(Rochester, NY)

Can I color white chocolate wafers with regular food coloring?

I do have a second question. How do I keep my four year old out of the refrigerator while the candy is being made?

Hi Mary Kay,

You can color your chocolate wafers, but you need to use coloring that is specifically designed for mixing with chocolate. Otherwise, the water in the food coloring will make your chocolate seize up and you won't be able to use it as intended.

You can get candy coloring for tinting chocolate at Candyland Crafts, but I'm guessing you need it ASAP for the holidays.

Take a look at what they are offering and then maybe you can find it in one of your local stores.

**As for your second question... :~)

It would be nice if you could find something to give your daughter to do to distract her. Perhaps play dough and some molds so that she can design her own "candy" while you are making the real deal.

To be honest, in our home growing up, if mom said stay out of the fridge, we stayed out of the fridge or we'd get a spanking on our bottom!

I know spanking is not very popular these days, but it's in the Bible and it works when done properly and with love. :)


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