Color Chocolate

by Amanda

How To Color Chocolate Without It Going Hard:

I use almond bark to make Oreo balls. We want to color some of them orange for Halloween.

How do we do that without making the almond bark hard? We have tried food coloring but it makes the chocolate clump up, and you can't dip them.

Hi Amanda,

Yes, regular water based food coloring will make chocolate or almond bark seize or clump up. It's the water. Chocolate and water don't mix!

There is an alternative, though. You can use special food coloring made to be used with chocolate. There are both liquid and powder/paste forms of this type of food coloring.

You can get some candy color especially for tinting chocolate here at Candyland Crafts. These are oil based colors so they won't cause your chocolate to clump up on you.

Another option for those who don't want to mess with mixing colors, etc., is to simply get yourself some of the orange colored candy melts for Halloween like these Merckens Rainbow Wafers.

Using the Oreo balls recipe to make Halloween chocolate treats is a great idea. So many recipes can be adapted as Halloween recipes if you just use your imagination and get creative with your color choices. This is true with all the holidays.

I hope yours turn out great!


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