Cocoa Butter Melts Shelf Life

by Jacquies Snackies
(Westchester New York)

What is the cocoa butter melts shelf life?

I have bags and bags of both Merken and Wilton cocoa butter melts sealed tightly in thick plastic bags.

How long is their shelf life? They look, smell, and taste fine, but I know they are very old.

Even though I plan on using new and fresh ones, I am still curious as to how long they last.

Research has told me that since Cocoa butter contains no water and is just fat that it lasts a long long time for use in skin creams and conditioners, but how long for human consumption and still maintaining their melting and recipe properties.

Thank you.
Jacquies Snackies

Hi Jacquie,

The "general" consensus is that cocoa butter melts will keep for at least a year. Personally, I've kept them for a good few years and used them and they were perfectly fine.

You said they look, smell, and taste fine, so I seriously doubt they are rancid.

If you are melting them anyway, they should definitely be okay.

I'm getting ready to launch a Valentine's Day Contest, so maybe you can put some of those melts to good use and enter your photos and descriptions.

Just keep your eye on the blog page and you'll see the announcement. ;-)


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