Cleaning Paraffin Wax From Cooking Utensils

by Jim

I need tips for cleaning paraffin wax from cooking utensils once you are finished with your candy making adventures...

I just finished making some wonderful bon bons with my daughter, and now I am left with figuring out how to clean the mixing bowl that contains leftover chocolate and paraffin mix.

I know wax isn't water soluble so does anyone have any ideas how to best accomplish this task?

Thanks in advance.


I have to assume you've sorted this problem out by now since a couple of days have passed from when you sent in your question. (Sorry about that!)

Nevertheless, I did think that this is a good question and very well may come up again so it's certainly worth a little discussion.

I assume that you are simply referring to the chocolate paraffin mixture that is left in your pan and on your utensils after your candy making. Even though you make a good point that wax isn't water soluble, the small amount that is in that mixture should not pose much of a problem.

What I do (after scraping out and eating most of the leftovers or putting it in a container to remelt at a later date) is simply fill the pot with hot water and let it set for a few minutes.

The hot water is sufficient to melt the chocolate and wax down and enables me to clean the bowls and utensils quite easily.

If for some reason you have a lot of wax on your utensils and you are concerned about how it will affect your septic system or something, you can re-melt the chocolate and paraffin wax slightly and then tackle the utensils with some paper towels. Simply wipe out or wipe off and dispose of the paper towels in your trash bin. :)

So, now I have a couple of questions for you, Jim. First, what did you do about your cleaning paraffin wax from cooking utensils dilemma?

Next question: Did you take any photos of these delightful bon bons that you and your daughter made together? We would love to see them and hear all about the experience - from both your perspective and your daughter's perspective. :) You can add it to our chocolate truffles page.

I think it's just marvelous that you and your daughter created these memories together. I wish more people would realize how wonderful the experience can be of candy making with their kids.


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