Chocolates Lose the Glace

by Ashwati

Dear Angie,

I wonder if any of your chocolate makers can help me with a minor problem. My chocolates lose the glace even after it is wrapped after a few days.

What could the reason be? Temperature or the quality of the chocolate bars? I buy fresh stocks with plenty of shelf life from the whole sale stockist.

I would be grateful for any advice.


Hi Ashwati,

I posted your question here so that some other chocolate makers may add their advice and suggestions.

Usually chocolate glace refers to a thin chocolate icing that you can drizzle over cakes and pastries, etc. But when you say, "my chocolates lose the glace" I am assuming you are meaning the shine on the chocolates? Is that correct?

Usually if you have tempered the chocolate it shouldn't lose it's shine unless it gets out of temper again. So temperature is most likely the problem.

It sounds like you are saying that it's fine at first but then changes after a few days. Where are you storing the chocolates? Try to keep them at room temperature but not too hot.

If that is impossible because of your climate, you may need to place them in an airtight container and then wrap the container in a towel and refrigerate it.

When you do remove the chocolates from the fridge, allow them to return to room temperature while still wrapped in the towel. This should help to eliminate condensation build up and chocolate bloom or discoloration.

Does anyone else have any suggestions for Ashwati?

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