Chocolate Turned To Toffee?

by Tintinkie Bell
(Cape Town, South Africa)

My chocolate turned to toffee. Why?

I was making chocolate from a simple recipe which included sugar, milk, and cocoa powder. Before I could get the mixture up to the 240 degree's Fahrenheit, my mixture turned to toffee.

Why did this happen?

Another thing is that my chocolate seems to start cooling down before it even reaches 220 degrees. What could I be doing wrong?


Hi Tintinkie,

The recipe you are describing sounds like it may be more likely to make a chewy chocolate toffee/taffy type result rather than a traditional chocolate bar type result because it is a boiled sugar candy.

Have you used this recipe before? Do you know what the finished result is meant to be?


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Mar 09, 2011
Chocolate Turned To Toffee
by: Tintinkie

Hi Angie,

Thank you so much I am going to read those recipes and try them out. Thanks once again for your help, this is a wonderful site which I will be visiting a lot.

Have a blessed day,

Mar 09, 2011
Making a Chocolate Bar from Scratch
by: Angie

Unfortunately, I have yet to find a good recipe for making a chocolate bar from scratch.

It's a complex process, which is why most people purchase chocolate chips or wafers to melt and use in their chocolate candy making recipes.

There are a couple of discussions here on the site about this subject. Here are a couple of links if you'd like to read through the comments.

Homemade Chocolate Candy Bar Recipe

Dark Chocolate Candy Using Cocao Powder

Mar 09, 2011
Chocolate Turned To Toffee
by: Tintinkie

Hi Angie,

Thank you so much for answering my query so quickly.

I have used the recipe twice before and had the same thing happen, according to the site that I got the recipe from they say that it is supposed to make a milk chocoltae for candy bars but this has never happened. It does make a lovely toffee but I really want to make chocolate candy.

Kind regards,

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