Chocolate too gushy!

by Ashley
(Tacoma, WA, USA)

Quick! I ended up making my chocolate coating a little too ganache-y. Is there anything I can do to fix it before I do anymore (or better yet, fix the ones that I already have dipped?)?

Hi Ashley,

Sorry we weren't able to get back with you to answer your question on the weekend about your chocolate too gushy. :)

To be honest, we would have needed a bit more information to help you out anyway. We need to know specifically what you used to make your chocolate for coating.

Since you mentioned that the chocolate was too "ganache-y" that implies to me that you have made a mixture of cream and chocolate. Is that true?

Ganache (made from hot cream and chocolate combined) is not usually a good idea for trying to make dipped chocolate candy. As you described, using ganache would make chocolate too gushy or squishy. In fact, ganache is nice rolled into balls and then dipped in melted chocolate to create truffles. ;)

In future, if you are trying to make a chocolate coating for dipping centers, pretzels, dried fruit, etc., just melt some chocolate and start dipping.

You can add a little shortening (a tsp. or so) to the melted chocolate if you want to try to make it set a little easier.

You can also experiment with adding a little flavored oils to the melted chocolate for an extra dimension of flavor.

So, how did your candy making turn out the other night? Did you find a workable solution? I hope so!


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