Chocolate that Sweats/Melts

by Katie

I made chocolate in a double boiler and then poured it into a mold and put the mold in the fridge overnight.

The chocolate was amazing, but started to sweat and melt pretty quickly.

I'm wondering how to stop this, so it can be stored longer, not in the fridge, or so I can bag it to give away.

I'm not sure if maybe I had it too hot while it was melting. I had the water boil in the saucepan and then turned it down a bit while I was stirring the chocolate while it melted.

I then let the chocolate sit in the bowl for a minute or so, off the saucepan, before pouring it in a bag to dispense into the mold.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks so much,

Hi Katie,

I think the problem with your chocolate that sweats/melts is that you kept it in the refrigerator for so long.

Chocolate that has been refrigerated or frozen will "sweat" because of the condensation that builds up on it when it is returning to room temperature.

If you need to refrigerate your molded chocolates to help them set, try not to leave them in too long. If you can't help that, when you remove the chocolate molds from the fridge, gently cover the chocolate with a towel to help the chocolate to change temperature more gradually. This will help reduce the condensation build up on the chocolate.

Hope those little tips help you solve your problem of chocolate that sweats/melts.


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