Chocolate Started To Bubble And Turn White

by Doreen

I make toffee and created a new type, cappuccino toffee. We use Belgian chocolate and melt in microwave.

After the toffee is hardened we dip the toffee in chocolate and let it harden at room temperature. It is a cool environment.

With this particular toffee we do not cover with any nuts but use the chocolate and swirl with white chocolate.

After 3 days the chocolate started to bubble and turn white. Do you know why that is?

How do I prevent the chocolate from turning white?

Mmmmmm. Sounds delicious, Doreen. I'd love to indulge in some chocolate covered cappuccino toffee! Great creation! :)

When you are melting your chocolate, what method are you using? Microwave also? Are you being careful not to overheat the chocolate?

Usually when chocolate changes color like you are describing, it is from what is called bloom. This can happen from changes in the temperature after you've melted it, but also heating the chocolate too much.

Do you have this problem with any of the other chocolate covered toffees that you make?

You may want to try adding a little food-grade paraffin wax to the chocolate when melting it, or a little Crisco shortening.

I'm also wondering if the toffee is completely "dry" when you are dipping it, or is there oily residue on it? That could be the reason the chocolate started to bubble and turn white.

Anyone else have any ideas?


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