Chocolate Stain Removal

Chocolate Stain RemovalPhoto by Biepmiep (Flickr)

Knowing proper chocolate stain removal tips can get you out of a sticky situation and save your clothes and furniture from being ruined by chocolate stains.

If you've ever wondered how to get rid of chocolate stains, here are some basic tips to save your clothes, tablecloths, drapes or other washable fabrics.

It's a real frustration when you've indulged in some mouthwatering chocolate only to discover later that you've dropped some on your dress.

Worse still, you discover your little darlings have managed to smear their gooey chocolate fingers all over the couch or carpet.

Admittedly, your little treasures may look so cute (like this sweetie) that you'll have a hard time being upset!

But, ultimately you're still left with the dilemma of removing chocolate stains safely and easily.

What's to be done?

There are different methods recommended for chocolate stain removal. Sometimes it depends on the type of fabric, and other times it's a matter of preference.

This is probably the most basic method for removing chocolate stains:

  1. First of all, scrape as much of the chocolate as you can from the article of clothing or fabric.

  2. Use some laundry pre-treating solution to prep the offending spot before placing it in the washer. If you don't have a good quality pre-treater, use some liquid detergent (I find that a degreasing detergent like Dawn works well).

    Rub the detergent in well and rinse. Repeat as needed until you get as much of the chocolate stain out of the fabric as possible.

  3. Wash the clothing in the hottest water allowed for the type of fabric. Include some bleach if at all possible.

  4. Do not dry the item in the dryer! Even if it looks like the stain is gone, wait until it completely dries to be sure there is no oil left to leave a stain.

    The dryer will cause any remaining stain to set into the fabric, so that's why I caution you to let it dry naturally the first time around.

You know what I think is the worst part about having to deal with a chocolate stain? The fact that there was less chocolate in my mouth! :)

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