Chocolate Shells

by Wendy
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

How do I get my chocolate shells to leave the mould?

So I tempered my chocolate (I think I did it right), and I know how to make chocolate shells but when I tried to take them out of the mould it wouldn't come out.

I had to scrape it out with spoons which destroyed all the shells.

Hi Wendy,

Try rubbing some butter or oil in your molds first with a paper towel to "prep" them and see if that does the trick.

Let us know!

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Apr 17, 2011
Just a little Advice on removing chocolate from the moulds
by: Anonymous

Just a Quick not to both Wendy & Angie

If your having problems removing chocolate from your moulds...

Things not to do..
BIG NO to Greasing the moulds!! your Adding A flavour or Mouth Feel of fat to your chocolate, The whole point of tempering chocolate is to get a sexy Glossy shine to your product Why hide that with fat?

Big No To Freezing the chocolate!! This will cause the Chocolate To Sweat and take on moisture on the outside again Resulting in a poor finish.

Thing to Do To Solve your Problems!!

*First check your moulds are Clean & Dry. Rum the inside of your moulds with Cotton wool Or Ti sue Paper to This Will Polish your moulds allowing the Chocolate to fall freely out of your moulds.

*Second Check the quality of your chocolate.
Use a quality Chocolate to achieve a good result.
If your Using A Cheep Baking Chocolate you do not need to temper the chocolate just melt to 32C.

*After tempering the Chocolate Do a small test on a piece of paper before filling your moulds. check for set, shine & crisp finish.

*Temperature when filling moulds!
Your chocolate should be at exactly the right temperature 32C for Dark. 31C Milk, 28 for white.

Allow time chocolate Making is a slow Art form.
Should be set in a cool dry area around 5 to 12C .


Oct 08, 2010
Making Chocolate Shells
by: Angie

Hi Wendy,

So glad to hear that they are working out for you. When you put in the effort to create something lovely, it can be quite frustrating and disappointing when it doesn't work out as planned.


Oct 08, 2010
Thank you Angie
by: Wendy

i found that the butter oil helped lots and also freezing it for 10-15 minutes before trying to take the chocolate shells out worked really well. thanks

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