Chocolate Separates for Dipped Apples

by Sheila Eisen
(Fergus, ON Canada)

I dipped Apples in Calabaut Chocolate (56% Cocoa) but when I went to cut the apple into pieces to share with co-workers the chocolate came off. What can I do to make sure that this does not happen?

Thank you!

Hi Sheila,

I think that chocolate separates for dipped apples quite often. It's possible that the type of chocolate you are using is part of the problem.

Another visitor, Maggie, commented that she has had pretty good success using chocolate melts for dipping apples.

Some people find that dipping the apple in simmering water to remove any wax helps to make the chocolate or caramel adhere a little better. You may want to try that.

Anyone else have any tips for Sheila?

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Nov 04, 2012
Cracking Chocolate on Caramel Apples NEW
by: Angie from

I moved your question over here since we are already discussing the subject here and you'll more likely get some answers and help.

I don't know if your apples were too cold or the chocolate too hot since you didn't really give specifics.

Were you dipping the caramel coated apples while they were cold directly from the fridge? That could possibly cause the cracking, but even at room temp the chocolate can crack sometimes.

What kind of chocolate are you using? Different chocolate will set differently - depending on the amount of cocoa butter, etc.

You could "double dip" and that would probably solve the cracking issue, but your chocolate would be rather thick then.

Another option would be to drizzle some extra chocolate over the cracked chocolate (maybe in a contrasting color?) to disguise the cracks and make the apples look more appealing.

Nov 04, 2012
Chocolate Coating On Caramel Apples Cracks NEW
by: Anonymous

We are making caramel coated apples and then dipping the apples in melted chocolate.

As the chocolate hardens, we are noticing that the chocolate coating cracks sometimes.

Is the apple too cold or the chocolate too hot??

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