Chocolate Scoops

by mksadnick
(spring valley, il)

What do you think about chocolate scoops?

My big and most favorite chocolate fair is coming up in a few months. I have been playing with an idea and hope you won't think its tooooo over the top!

Would it be possible to coat Scoops tortilla chips with chocolate and fill them after they set?

Lots of the granola bars I eat are sugary and salty combined...and I thought I would fill them with this luscious pumpkin dip made with whip cream.

Would they be okay to sit a day or too or would the chip get soggy?

Hi mksadnick,

What an interesting concept. I've seen and tasted chocolate covered potato chips (which is a similar concept to chocolate scoops, so I don't think it's too over the top. :)

I also love the delicious combo of sweet and salty tastes!

I'm not 100% sure about the pumpkin dip inside. I'm trying to imagine the added flavor combo and just can't quite decide if it's a "fit." If YOU'VE tasted it and think it's a great match, then go for it!

I would wait to fill the scoops until the day of the sale if possible. The chocolate scoops on their own should keep fine without getting soggy, but I don't know how this luscious filling would affect the end result after setting for a couple of days.

Why not do a small trial run and see? I'm sure you won't mind eating them in the name of research! :)

Let me know how it turns out!

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