Chocolate On Toffee Candy

by Joelle
(St. Paul, MN)

I have an easy, wonderful recipe for chocolate on toffee candy.

  • 1 pound of butter
  • 2 cups of sugar

  1. Cook and stir until it changes color and pour onto jelly roll pan.

  2. When cool, you top with melted milk chocolate chips.

Well, the buttery candy and the waxy topping don't stick together and when you break into pieces you lose most of the topping.

What will make the chocolate adhere to the toffee so when you break it it will all have chocolate on the top?

Thank you.

Hi Joelle,

That's a notorious problem with chocolate on toffee candy!

The problem is the butter. When the toffee cools, some of the oil from the butter comes to the surface of the toffee and forms a barrier between the toffee candy and the melted chocolate.

Of course, when you then go to break your toffee up, it slides right off (or pops off in most cases!).

The best solution I've found is to use a lint free absorbent towel and give the toffee candy a good rub down just before adding the chocolate.

That should absorb that excess oil and allow the chocolate to adhere to the toffee just like you want.

Let me know if that solves your problem. I know other toffee lovers will be waiting to hear if it works for you. :) This is a problem we get a lot of questions about.

Another tip: While the toffee is still pliable, gently score lines in the top where you would like to break it. Even though you are going to cover it with chocolate, it should still assist you in breaking the toffee in pieces the way you'd like.


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