Chocolate on dipped balls spreading too much!!!

by Linda

I make chocolate dipped cake balls, pretzel rods, etc. and I can't figure out how to have the chocolate not spread so much after putting them on the paper to harden.

I use candy melts without adding any shortening or anything to it. I hold them over the bowl until they don't drip and still the chocolate spreads and then they have a lip on the bottom of them when they harden.

Any helpful hints to prevent this when dipping? Thanks!!

Hi Linda,

In my experience it's been nearly impossible to make anything dipped in chocolate that doesn't get some degree of a "lip" upon setting.

You can reduce the size of the spreading by letting the chocolate cool a bit before dipping. As it cools it gets thicker because it starts the setting process.

Some people find that adding a little food grade paraffin to their melted chocolate helps it to set better.

Really, though, I don't think you're going to eliminate the spread completely. It's part of the charm of delicious homemade chocolates. ;-)


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