Chocolate Make 'n Mold Wafers

by Jenifer

Where is the expiration date on Chocolate make 'n Molds wafers??? Well I just need to find the expiration date on the chocolate wafers because THERE IS NONE. Help...

Hi Jenifer,

If you can't find an expiration date on the package, look to see if you can find a phone number for the company. If so, give them a call.

They should be able to tell by some code, etc., when your particular chocolate Make 'n Mold wafers were manufactured so that you'll know how old they are.

To be honest, I'd just taste them to see if they are good. Chocolate wafers for candy making have a very long shelf life if they are kept in decent conditions (moderate temperature).

If the candy wafers taste fine, I'd use them. :)

Let us know what you discover and how your candy making turns out!


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May 14, 2023
4 digit number?
by: Sue

What if that number is a 4 digit number. I’m a little nervous these my candy (even unopened) might not be ok. 😉🤷‍♀️

Mar 12, 2010
Candy wafer expiration date
by: Make'n Mold

Hi there,

We noticed your questions and comments about the expiration dates of our candy wafers. There is no actual expiration date as there is no ingredient that will go bad, meaning there is nothing in them that would make you ill if you ate old wafers - they just might not taste as good. We do put what is called a Julian code on the wafers that helps us track the packing date. This is a 5-6 digit code, usually located near the barcode on the back. If you'd like, you can reach us either at [email protected] or at (716) 877-3146 9am-5pm EST and we can help you with any questions you have.

Hope this helps, and happy candymaking!

Make'n Mold

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