Chocolate keeps melting after it is taken out of the mold!

by Jessica

My chocolate keeps melting after it is taken out of the mold! Please tell me why.

I made some candies with chocolate melts. I followed the directions.

I made chocolate covered caramel turtle things, dipping them in the chocolate.

Then I made some chocolates in molds and they were filled with caramel. I put them in the freezer, took them out, and put them on the counter.

About 15 minutes later, they started to soften and get mushy/melty (all of the chocolates). What may have caused that to happen?

I made some peanut butter ones the other day and it did not happen to them!


Hi Jessica,

When you melted the chocolate melts, did you add anything to them at all that would thin the chocolate?

Are you being very careful to melt the chocolate slowly and not bring it to too high a temperature?

Do you know if the chocolate you are using is pre-tempered? Tempering the chocolate does help to keep the chocolate from melting so easily.

What about the caramel? Is it a runny caramel or a firm caramel? If it is very runny and you put a lot more caramel with only a light coating of chocolate, you may have trouble with the chocolate staying firm.

I wish I could tell you exactly what the problem is, but these are a few things to take into consideration.

Maybe someone else who has had this same difficulty of the chocolate keeps melting after it is taken out of the mold and will offer up some of their tips and suggestions.


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