Chocolate Has A Grayish Streaking

by JW

Sometimes my chocolate has a grayish streaking or whitish streaks.

Is there any may to keep that from happening, and if it does, is there any way to re-melt and get rid of the discoloration?

Hi JW,

The grayish or whitish streaking is from sugar or fat bloom. You can use the search feature in the upper right corner to find out more info. on that (so I don't have to go into detail again). ;~)

Basically, it's from a change in temperature (too cold or too hot) that separates the sugars and/or fats in the chocolate and causes a cosmetic change in appearance of the chocolate. The chocolate generally still tastes fine, just doesn't look as nice.

The good news is that, YES, you can re-melt the chocolate and it will be "recover" and be fine for the next time around.

The best way to keep the grey and white streaks from happening to the chocolate is to let it set at room temperature.

If you are in a climate that makes it absolutely necessary to chill or freeze the chocolate, wrap it well before freezing and try to bring it to room temperature gently while still wrapped to reduce the amount of condensation on the chocolate.

Hope that helps!

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