Chocolate Gift Candy
The Gift That Is Never Returned

Chocolate Gift Candy

I love chocolate gift candy!!

It doesn't matter if I am the one giving them or the one receiving them. Well, it doesn't matter much. ;)

My friends all know that if they want to give me something that I will really enjoy, they can't go past chocolate.

For someone like me, chocolate is the absolute PERFECT gift. Honestly, how could you go wrong?

It's never the wrong size, wrong color, or not to my taste.

Personally, I’m not a fan of coconut. That's about the only way my friends could go wrong when giving me a present that includes chocolate.

I admit it. I am easily pleased, but I consider that a good thing.

As a result, I am always likely to get a bit of chocolate candy for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. You won’t hear me complain!

Chocolate candy gifts are particularly great for those people who can be rather  difficult to buy for. I have a few relatives who are always a challenge. Either I can’t afford anything that would really match their tastes, or they already seem to have everything that I can think of to get them.

In cases like these, gift chocolate is the way to go!

Sometimes I just buy boxed chocolates or some gourmet chocolate candy from one of my favorite chocolate sellers.  Two of my particular favorites are the well-known chocolate suppliers  Dan's Chocolates and

Other times, I want to make an effort to personally create a gift that I know they will enjoy. That personal touch is my way of showing friends and loved ones how special they are to me.

I have learned a few clever and creative chocolate gift candy ideas. Most of them were given to me by friends or I picked up along the way from books or magazines. I’m not terribly creative, myself, but I can develop ideas from others to meet my own specifications.

The following are just a few chocolate candy gift ideas to jump start your own creative juices:

If you have some clever or imaginative ideas to pass along to me and the rest of my readers, I’d be thrilled if you would tell us about it. Or, maybe you gave or received a scrumptious gift basket or box from a company that you just have to recommend. Let us in on the secret here!

Don't Have Time To Make A Chocolate Gift?

If you decide that you just don’t have the time or patience to make your own chocolate gift candy, you will find there are wonderful chocolate candy distributors that will do your delicious work for you. Why not visit some of these suppliers to see if something tickles your fancy?

Finally, if you want to give a gift on a regular basis to let someone know you are thinking of them all the time, consider a Chocolate of the Month Club.

There are plenty of gift ideas. These are just a few that scratch the surface when it comes to chocolate gift candy. I hope you will find one that pleases you and your lucky friend!

By the way, here's a lovely bit of trivia for you: Did you know that candy is the traditional wedding anniversary gift for the 6th anniversary? Another great reason to give a chocolate candy gift!

Given Or Received A Spectacular Chocolate Gift?

What is the best chocolate gift candy you ever received? Tell us all about it. We'd even love to hear the details, like who was the wonderful person who treated you to the delectable treat?

Maybe you've got another great idea for making your own chocolate candy gift. Do tell... We always need more clever and creative concoctions!

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