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Fun chocolate games are just what you need to save yourself from hosting a "boring" party.

When organizing birthday celebrations for children, for example, games involving chocolate candy will work perfectly to entice all of your young guests to participate.

Of course, games involving yummy chocolates are a sure hit for grown-ups, too.

Consider yourself on a mission to spread happiness with chocolate and create lasting memories with your chocolate games! :)

We have a selection of different candy games to give you some ideas of various party games for guests of all ages.

We also want to encourage you to add your own candy or chocolate game ideas as we develop a full collection for all occasions - birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, holidays, church gatherings, etc.

Do you remember a favorite game from childhood you could share? Maybe you've recently attended a party where a great chocolate game was played. Add your candy game to our collection!

The Candy Bar Game

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When it comes to chocolate games, the candy bar game is an old favorite. In fact, there are several different candy bar games. You may want to consider using one of the Name That Candy Bar games I wrote about previously; and here are some more.

But for this particular candy bar game, your guests have to get really active! There should be plenty of laughter and plenty of fun!

What you'll need for the candy bar game:

  • a wrapped chocolate bar
  • knife and fork
  • items of clothing/accessories (hat, scarf, tie, necklace, etc)
  • a pair of dice

How to play the candy bar game:

  1. Place the candy bar, knife, fork and accessories on a table and ask all the guests to stand around the table as you begin.

  2. Take turns rolling the dice to see who is going to go first. The person with the highest score wins that privilege.

  3. He or she will wear all the clothing items and accessories and attempt to eat the wrapped chocolate bar, piece by piece, using only the knife and the fork.

  4. While this is being done, the dice is passed on to the rest of the participants in the circle. A player who rolls the dice and gets a total of six will have to shout “SIX!” This will signal the player who is eating the wrapped chocolate bar to stop right away, take off the clothing and accessories, and transfer it to the successor. Similarly, that successor will eat the chocolate bar piece by piece – still with the use of a knife and fork – until the next player’s rolled dice reveals a six.

  5. The purpose of the game is to finish the wrapped chocolate bar entirely, ideally aiming to let everyone take a bite of the candy bar along the way.

There is really no winning player in this particular chocolate party game, but players can decide, however, to declare the one who takes the last bite or the most bites as the winner.

To add spice to the game or make it more challenging, you can opt to use clothes and accessories that are hard to put on.

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