Chocolate Fountain For Cake Pops

by Shirley
(New York)

Can I use a chocolate fountain for cake pops?

I want to know if it is possible that it will harden just like if you were to have used melted chocolate.

It would be easier to use the chocolate fountain for coating the cake balls so that after I can design it and it won't take up so much time.

Hi Shirley,

It sure would be nice if you could use a chocolate fountain to coat your cake balls, but I'm sorry to say that in many cases it may not work like you want it to.

The chocolate that is used in a chocolate fountain usually has been thinned so that it will flow more easily or it contains a higher fat content (cocoa butter). Because of this, it may not set firmly like you would need it to do for covering a cake ball and then decorating it afterward.

I don't want to say it definitely won't work, because I think it really all depends on what kind of chocolate you choose to use. I did a little checking around and learned that you can pretty much use any type of chocolate you like in a chocolate fountain.

Having made that discovery, I would expect that if you use a good chocolate and DON'T thin it down with oil you probably CAN use the chocolate fountain for cake ball dipping and decorating. How's that for good news? :)

Just remember that you really need to melt the chocolate first before placing it in the chocolate fountain to keep it melted while you are working with it.

Has anyone tried this already? Let us know by using the comment link below. :)

But for those who want to make the process easier and don't have access to a chocolate fountain, instead you can try placing your bowl of melted chocolate on a heating pad or in a slow cooker (on low) to keep the chocolate warm while dipping the cake balls.

I know it is difficult to work with the chocolate when it keeps getting thicker and thicker and you have to stop to melt it again. What a great idea to use a chocolate fountain for cake pops or even dipping other type of favorite goodies.

Kindest regards,

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Jun 26, 2019
Fondue vs Melts NEW
by: Melissa

I do not recommend using fondue melts over melting chocolate. In my recent experience I bought the wrong chocolate and tried to make my truffles but the fondue does not set as fast nor as firm as melting chocolates. I had an event to go to and I knew they wouldn't hold so I scrapped half my batches leaving just the white truffles that I had used melting chocolates. I got home and the batch I left there had melted a bit at room temp of 60 with the fondue melts.

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