Chocolate Easter Bunny

chocolate easter bunny

A Chocolate Easter Bunny has become a tradition for a lot of families as they celebrate the Easter season.

I distinctly remember as a little girl that my best friend and next door neighbor always received a giant solid chocolate Easter rabbit every year. I remember so well because I was green with envy!  ;)

Now, don't get me wrong. I got an Easter basket filled with goodies, too, but those particular Easter bunnies were a bit out of our price range at that time in our lives.

So, for a chocolate lover of my caliber, of course, I couldn't help but drool.

If you are looking to purchase a chocolate Easter bunny for someone this Easter season, you can find gourmet Easter bunnies at some of the wonderful suppliers below.

If you need a whole bunch of Easter candy for a group, whether for kids or adults, you will get the best prices for bulk candy at one of my favorite places, the Candy Warehouse.  They have a huge selection of candy and the prices are pretty reasonable.

There are also a lot of other vendors that carry cute, clever, and unique chocolate Easter bunnies as treats for yourself or someone special in your life.  In fact, I've chosen a nice selection for you to drool over at the bottom of the page. 

Make Your Own Chocolate Easter Bunny

If you'd like, you can always make your own chocolate Easter rabbits. It isn't difficult.

Actually, it's quite fun! You can even get the kids involved if you aren't trying to surprise them with your creations.

Pick up a chocolate Easter mold at Candyland Crafts.  They have a nice selection and a huge variety for both regular molds and lollipop molds.

You can also get your chocolate for melting and filling the molds at really good prices at these mold shops. If you want to "decorate" your bunny with colored details, choose some colored melts, too.

Once you have your molds and chocolates, just follow the instructions on how to mold chocolate candy and you'll have it done in no time.

You may want to even consider making this a family tradition!

Have a lovely Easter season. If you've got a few extra minutes, I'd love to share with you what Easter means to me. It's my favorite holiday of all!

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