Chocolate Dipping Tools

by Tina Morrison
(Sartell, MN.)

I am new to candy making and have a question about chocolate dipping tools (spoon) that is just driving me crazy! I can't find the answer anywhere.

The candy dipping spoon that I got with my set doesn't state how to use it.

If I use it for making cake balls, or peanut butter balls, how do I set the ball down on the wax paper after dipping?

Do I try to slide it off or do I invert the ball? If I invert the ball, will there be a mark from the loop?

I know this shouldn't be so complicated and I would just try it, however, I would like to do it right so I have pretty looking candies.


Hi Tina,

When I use chocolate dipping tools, I just kind of slide them off as best I can. It's really difficult to describe how to do it. I would definitely say you have to play around with it and get a feel for it yourself and what works best for you.

When making handmade cake balls or peanut butter balls, it's really almost impossible to get them perfectly smooth. I really don't think anyone expects that.

If you want a really professional looking finish, you'd be better off using chocolate molds. But I think most people really like the slightly imperfect appeal of hand made chocolate candy.

Have fun!

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