Chocolate Dipped Bugles

by Connie Zakhary
(Toronto Canada )

Bugles Dipped In Chocolate = Elves Hats?  :)

Bugles Dipped In Chocolate = Elves Hats? :)

Hi Angie! I just got another idea! Yes, chocolate dipped Bugles!

I melted some candy melts over a pot of boiling water. After the candy melted, I simply dipped the Bugles in the chocolate and placed them on waxed paper until they set.

As you can see, I made one batch using white and green candy melts and another using white and pink candy melts.

I had planned on making red ones too for a festive Christmas touch but I didn't have any on hand.

The sugar and salt combination gives them a great taste!

What do you think?

Hi Connie,

Ooooh! I always love a sweet and salty combo. I haven't had Bugles in years (they don't sell them in Australia as far as I know), but I love the idea of taking an everyday snack and jazzing it up by dipping it in chocolate.

Looking at your photo, I immediately thought of little elves hats. You mentioned making them with a festive Christmas touch and I completely agree.

Whether you dip the Bugles in white, green, or red candy melts, they'll look so cute for the season. In fact, I think you could even get away with milk or dark chocolate, too, and still calling them miniature elves hats for Christmas!

If someone just happens to have a bag of chocolate chips and a bag/box of Bugles on hand, they can give this unexpected recipe a try for Christmas or any time of year.

I'd love to see some more photos, so if any of you other chocolate lovers want to experiment and show them off, please do send me along some happy snaps and I'll add them to this page.

What will cover in chocolate next, I wonder? :)

Thanks again for sharing,
Angie from

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