Chocolate Dessert Cups

by MT

Is it okay to fill the edible chocolate dessert cups with a filling the night before or should I wait until the morning?

I am hosting a shower tomorrow and trying to get things done ahead of time.

What are you filling the chocolate cups with? I assume something that will need to be refrigerated?

If so, you run the risk of the chocolate developing a little discoloration from being in the refrigerator. The change in temperature can result in condensation and then that leads to chocolate "bloom" which is the discoloration.

It won't ruin the taste and you may escape without any bloom at all. It's a risk you have to decide whether or not you are willing to take.

If you DO decide to go for it and take the chance, be sure to place the filled chocolate cups in an airtight container before placing them in the fridge. If you don't, the chocolate (and filling) will absorb any other smells that are in the fridge, and you definitely don't want that to happen or it WILL affect the taste.

If you are taking them out and not serving them immediately, leave chocolate dessert cups in the airtight container until you are ready to serve. This may help reduce the condensation build up and raise your chances of a positive result.

By the way, if your filling is something that can be left out overnight then you should be able to fill them early with no problem whatsoever.

Baby Shower or Bridal Shower? :) Both are so much fun! Let us know how it all turns out!


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