Chocolate Cups Stick To The Mold

by Leonard

I make chocolate cups and fill with pudding shots.

My chocolate cups stick to the mold and when I try to get them out many will break.

I fill the molds with pudding shots which everyone seems to love.

Any ideas on how to get the cups out of the mold with out breaking?

Hi Leonard,

Did you try spraying the molds with a bit of cooking oil before filling? You could also just rub the molds with oil if you don't have the spray. This often solves the problem of the chocolate sticking to the mold.

Another option is to chill them slightly to help them release from the mold.

Are you filling the chocolate cups with the pudding shots before or after you remove them from the mold? If you are filling them while in the mold, is the pudding warm? This could cause the chocolate to soften and stick to the mold a bit.


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Feb 03, 2011
Rough Edges
by: Anonymous

Sometimes my chocolate cups have rough edges on the tops - How can I make sure they have smooth, clean edges?

Dec 27, 2010
Making Chocolate Cups
by: Angie

The chocolate should still stick, depending on how much oil you use. You just need a tiny bit.

If you do have trouble getting the chocolate to stick when brushing it on, I would suggest you try this method.

Just go ahead and fill the molds and let them sit for a few minutes so that the outside starts to set. Then all you have to do is tip them over and let the excess chocolate pour out and back into your bowl.

It's handy if you have a scraper to "clean up" the mold after you've tipped out the excess.

Hope that helps. :)

Dec 26, 2010
Thank you Angie
by: Leonard

Thank you for the suggestions,If I put oil on the mold will the chocolate stick to the side. After making my chocolate I brush the Chocolate on the side of the cups

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