Chocolate Creations, My Inspiration!

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My Chocolate Creations, My Inspirations!

My Chocolate Creations, My Inspirations!

Chocolate Creations are my Inspiration!

One sunny afternoon I was inspired to make my chocolates. It was my first since I came to the US.

I have been making my chocolate creations in the Philippines and business was doing well. It brings out the artistic juices in me and it is one useful form of art as it comes in handy when my youth group decided to raise funds for the ministry and so I taught them how to make chocolate candies and sell them.

They sure did sell like hotcakes! Both the young and adults really loved them so much that they came back for more. And so I decided to create designs that would be very pleasing to the eye and the taste buds.

Since then friends and friends of friends came ordering in big batches for children's parties, birthdays, holidays and all other occasions we could think of.

It was partly sad for me because I really enjoyed and had fun with this piece of art before I had to come to the US, but, now, I decided that maybe it's the right time to start again and this is how I came across your website.

It just ignited that tiny artistic spark that has been dormant for quite awhile. And I want to wish you all chocolate lovers and friends out there that you may continue loving, creating and sharing chocolate inspirations as this is a way of praising the Giver of art and Life itself!

Hi Alexia,

Thanks so much for sharing how your chocolate creations are your inspiration! :) I'm glad you added the photo, too.

I think starting up your chocolate making and selling again is a great idea. You can even list your chocolates for sale in our online store.

I'd like to offer you your first month of listings for free to help you get started. Send me a note via my contact form if you are interested and I'll tell you how.

Wishing you all the best!

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