Chocolate Covered With Fondant?

by Yvonne
(Mission, BC Canada)

Can you make chocolate covered with fondant?

I need to know if you can cover/decorate a solid chocolate piece with fondant.

I've molded a solid chocolate shoe and would like to use red fondant to decorate it. Would this work, and if so, what do I use to stick it on?

from Mission BC

Hi Yvonne,

I'm sure you can cover chocolate with fondant, but since I haven't personally done it, I'm going to send a note to Sandy (one of our regular visitors) who does adorable things with fondant.

Take a look at her recent Autumn Candy Apples that she just submitted and you'll see what I mean. Sandy is very clever when it comes to candy making, so maybe she'll offer you some specific tips and instructions on how to cover chocolate with fondant.

Regarding making it stick, I read in a cake decorating forum that I visit that a good way to make fondant or gumpaste stick is to create some "glue" by dissolving some gumpaste in warm water to get a glue-like consistency.

I imagine that would work in this situation as well, but let's see if we can get some advice from Sandy.


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Oct 04, 2011
Fondant on Candy
by: Sandy Wooster

When I put fondant on candy I use melted candy as glue to hold the fondant on.It works great.

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