Chocolate Covered Pretzels Stale?

by Mari

Why were my chocolate covered pretzels stale?

I make my own caramel when I make the chocolate covered pretzels and use the Wilton chocolate wafers.

I made the caramel and dipped them on a Sunday. Monday I dipped them in white chocolate, Tuesday in milk chocolate, and Wednesday and Thursday finished dipping them in dark chocolate.

Thursday I put them in cellophane bags with twisties and ribbon for delivery on Friday. By Saturday the pretzels were not crispy, they were soft. Any ideas why?

The only difference is the chocolate I used for dipping, it was not Wilton this time.

Hi Mari,

If I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying that you dip the pretzels in the caramel and leave them set over night before dipping them in chocolate? Some of them are left coated only in caramel until Thursday?

Are you covering the pretzels completely or leaving a portion of the pretzel exposed? I don't know if you are referring to pretzel rods or the old fashioned twisted pretzels.

How are you storing the pretzels while you are waiting to dip them in their particular chocolate? At room temperature? Refrigerated? In an airtight container?

It doesn't seem like the type of chocolate you are using would make chocolate covered pretzels stale.

However if you are leaving the pretzels exposed to the air (not in an airtight container) or moisture/condensation from the fridge, I could see how that could make chocolate covered pretzels stale.

Am I misunderstanding your process?

Does anyone else have any suggestions for Mari? Please feel free to chime in and help us out. :)


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