Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

by Toni Long
(Canton,MI. USA)

I love Chocolate Covered Potato Chips, the saltier the better!

You make them just like you would with pretzels dipping them in the chocolate half way and then sprinkle some gray salt or margarita salt on them before they cool.

I like using dark high quality chocolate and rippled potato chips. I think that any chip would work as long as it's not a thin chip.

I also like dipping ice cream sandwiches in chocolate and then re-freezing them.

Sorry I don't have a way to up-load a picture at this time, but I'm sure you don't need a picture to get the idea.

Hi Toni,

I certainly have a visual imagination so I can just picture both the chocolate dipped potato chips and the chocolate dipped ice cream sandwiches.

They are both fantastic ideas, of course. I soo love the blend of sweet and salty, so chocolate covered potato chips are right up my alley.

However, I have to say, the concept of dipping the ice cream sandwiches in chocolate is what really has me excited.

So many people are on a tight budget these days so it makes it difficult to really splash out on special occasions.

But I know you can get ice cream sandwiches at really low prices at both a regular grocery store and discount stores, like Aldis. Just get the non-name brand variety.

By dipping these ice cream sandwiches in melted chocolate you really can "dress them up" to make them a very special treat for a special occasion with very little expense. You could probably make a dozen for about $5.00.

If you wanted to really get fancy, you could melt a little white chocolate and drizzle it over them for a special effect, or even sprinkle crushed nuts on them before the chocolate sets.

Like I said, the imagination is very vivid and can really run wild with this concept. Thanks so much for suggestion these lovely chocolate dipped treats.

Does anyone else want to share their chocolate covered potato chips or similar ideas and suggestions? Please do!


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