Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

by Janetta
(Vacaville, CA)

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

The most bizarre food I have had covered in chocolate is potato chips. They tasted pretty good!

Hi Janetta,

I haven't had chocolate covered potato chips in ages, but I can imagine the taste even now. I love chocolate covered pretzels because of the sweet and salty combination, so the appeal is much the same.

One of the great things about chocolate potato chips is that they are so easy to make.

  1. Melt some chocolate in the microwave or over a double boiler, stirring until smooth. If you use the microwave, only heat in 30 second increments - stirring each time. It's easy to overheat if you don't pay attention.

  2. You can either dip the chips in the chocolate, or use a pastry brush and "paint" the chocolate on, one side at a time. Let one side set before turning to paint the other side.

  3. Place the chips on a foil or waxed paper lined tray and allow the chocolate to set. Voil`a!

  4. For added "pizzaz" sprinkle a little crushed nuts, toffee, or colored jimmies (sprinkles) on the coated chips before the chocolate sets. You can even drizzle with a contrasting chocolate, like white on dark if you want the classy look.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to potato chips covered in chocolate - they need to be eaten fairly quickly. Is that a problem? :)

Seriously, if you don't eat them in a reasonable time (first day or two), they tend to get a bit stale or soggy.

I think this is definitely a project to make with the nieces and nephews this summer! Thanks for reminding me about the wonderful possibilities.


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