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Consider buying your chocolate covered nuts on eBay or Amazon rather than at one of the traditional commercial suppliers. 

Brand name shops come in handy, of course, but sometimes you can save heaps buy shopping on eBay or Amazon instead for edible treats. 

I suppose some people consider it to be a risk to use eBay, but if you pay using Paypal you really don't have much to lose.  I've been an eBay shopper for years and only had one bad experience (completely unrelated to food!). 

If you decide to dip your toes into the eBay waters while searching for chocolate covered nuts, you're likely to discover a number of different sorts to try, including chocolate cashews, chocolate macadamia nuts, chocolate pecans, and good old fashioned chocolate covered peanuts.

New items are added every day, so it pays to check back on a regular basis.

I have really gotten some great deals by keeping my eyes open and exercising a little patience. You can too.

Also, if you haven't already attempted it, chocolate nuts are easy to make if you'd like to try your hand.

Here are some simple recipes and instructions for chocolate covered nuts if you'd like to do it yourself or you just can't find precisely what you are looking for.

It can be tricky sometimes to find what you want if you don't use specific search terms, whether you are looking on eBay or Amazon. For example, you may use the term "chocolate nuts" on eBay, but if you want chocolate pecans, or chocolate cashews, you can narrow your search and get better results.

Today's Chocolate Covered Nuts
On eBay & Amazon!

Here are a few of my favorite listings on Amazon for various nuts smothered in chocolate as well as some of the current options available on eBay.  If it's not what you had in mind, click on through and do a more personalized search.  You've got a good chance of finding what you're after. 

See anything you like?  I'm hoping you'll find exactly the right kind of chocolate covered nuts that you've got a taste for today. 

By the way, these make great gifts too.  I have a friend who loves nuts of all sorts and having them dipped in chocolate is sort of like having icing on the cake, if you know what I mean.  ;)  Someone you know is sure to love them and love you for them!

Happy hunting!

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