Chocolate Covered Marshmallow

by Lydia

Make Your Own Chocolate Marshmallow Pops

Make Your Own Chocolate Marshmallow Pops

This a simple, but fun, chocolate covered marshmallow treat! You've just got to try it!

I was interested in making a unique treat for a bake-sale. So, after searching the internet, I found a picture of chocolate covered marshmallows on squiggly straws. They certainly looked good and appealing.

Here's a list of the ingredients I used (for about 50 servings):

Milk Chocolate Chips - about 2 large bags. I used milk chocolate instead of semi-sweet because it tastes a lot better since it wasn't necessarily for baking. I used the chocolate chips for melting, then dipping the marshmallows in them.

Jet Puffed Marshmallows - about 2 bags. They are good, high quality, and stay fresh for a great deal of time with the chocolate coating.

Then, I realized toppings would be great!

  • Sprinkles worked great when you sprinkled them on over a sink.

  • M&M's seemed too heavy and didn't stick. If you would want to use M&M's you might want to try the mini kind.

  • You could also crush all kinds of candy bars, spread them out on a sheet of tin foil, then roll the chocolate dipped marshmallows in the topping.

    To crush, put the candy bars in a large zip-lock bag, then hit them with a kitchen mallet or hammer. Try to stay away from candy bars with caramel because you would need to freeze them first, then it would be harder to crush them.

  • Graham crackers worked great, (also to be crushed) and added a s'more flavor to the treat.

I was about to use squiggly straws to stick the marshmallows on, then I realized that it would be a bit hard, and
it would reduce stress if I used cooking skewers instead.

Here are my directions for making a chocolate covered marshmallow treat to remember:

  1. First, I stuck the marshmallows on the skewers (2 on each).

  2. Next, I melted the chocolate chips in a light bowl (if it is a dark color then the heat will be attracted to the bowl instead of the food).

    After about 2 minutes (stir every 30 seconds), I took the bowl out of the microwave and mixed the chocolate chips with a large spoon. This helps them melt. (If there are still chunks in the chocolate, keep mixing or keep heating the chips for the time needed.)

  3. Next, I took a spoon, and over the bowl, I filled the spoon with some chocolate and spread it over the marshmallows.

  4. Finally, I rolled the chocolate covered marshmallow in a topping, then put it down on a sheet on non-stick paper.

    I kept doing this routine until the sheet was full, and then I stuck the sheet in the fridge for about 15 minutes. The chocolate won't be completely dry, but it helps a great deal.

Wait about 1/2 hour to an hour for the chocolate to dry, then enjoy!

Kids LOVE this treat, because it is easy to hold and very good!

Hi Lydia,

Loved the idea of these chocolate covered marshmallow treats. They sound so easy to make and yet are so delightful.

I found a few photos to give everyone an idea of some of the creative possibilities. Let's hear stories from others who make these yummy treats. :)


Photos courtesy of Christi and Jennecy

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May 15, 2012
Chocolate Marshmallows
by: Sandy Wooster

Chocolate covered peeps are great

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