Chocolate Covered Homemade Easter Eggs

by Betty F.
(New Kensington, PA)

I need some help and advice for making my chocolate covered homemade Easter eggs.

I make fruit & nut and peanut butter eggs for Easter. I use the melting chips to coat (twice), but no matter what I do, room temp or chilled, once I slice them, the chocolate crumbles and leaves the filling inside.

What can I do to ensure the chocolate stays on the sliced eggs?


Hi Betty,

I'm not at all surprised that the chocolate crumbles away from the filling when the chocolate covered Easter eggs have been chilled, but I'd think you'd have a lot less trouble if they were not.

Since you have tried leaving them at room temperature, I'm guessing the problem would have to be either with the quality of the chocolate melts, or the amount of fat in the filling.

Obviously peanut butter is naturally a bit oily. It wouldn't be difficult for a layer of oil to form between the chocolate and filling making it easier for the chocolate to "fall off" when bitten or sliced.

I don't know how you are making your fillings, but maybe you can reduce the fat content a little to see if that helps.

Ultimately, though, do you love the taste of your finished homemade chocolate Easter eggs? If so, I wouldn't worry too much if they are a little more messy to eat than you'd like.

Most people won't care if their fingers are messy as long as the candy is finger licking good!

I've eaten professionally made chocolate covered treats where the chocolate crumbled off. I never thought worse of the yummy treats. ;)

Does anyone else have any suggestions or insights for Betty? I'm sure we can all benefit from shared experiences.

Happy Easter!

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