Chocolate Covered Fruit
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Chocolate covered fruit is such a delicious way to enjoy chocolate on any occasion.

There's a beautiful combination of flavor choices for you to experience.  You may only think of chocolate covered strawberries or apples dipped in chocolate, as they are the traditional chocolate fruit treat.

Don't limit yourself!  Nearly any fruit you care to name is absolutely scrumptious when enrobed in chocolate, and that's a promise!  :)

Fresh fruit or dried fruit?  It doesn't matter.  Obviously, chocolate covered fresh fruit has a fairly short shelf life, but don't let that stop you.  Once you've tasted your creations, they won't last long anyway!

Dried fruit would be more appropriate, though, in some cases, particularly if you are planning to make your goodies in advance or want to send them off as gifts. 

Chocolate covered fruit is a scrumptious treat that you can prepare yourself (this is the most cost effective option), or you can really splash out and order some decadent gourmet selections.

You can find these luxury items at several different places online.  I'm going to add some of my personal favorites right here for you to drool over, but if you'd like to make your own, simply scroll on down the page to find out how you can do that simply and easily.

I know that sometimes the prices of gourmet dipped fruit may seem a bit exorbitant, but this is not an everyday splurge. They are well worth the occasional treat and some of the options are really very affordable.  Just take a peak...

Preparing Your Own Chocolate Covered Fruit

When preparing chocolate dipped fruit, it is important to use the highest quality ingredients that you can.

You will find some very good quality chocolate for melting at Candyland Crafts, or just pick some very fine chocolate candy bars at your local grocer and chop them up for melting.

If you're going to make chocolate dipped fruit from fresh fruit, be sure that it is ripe and unblemished. Smell the fruit to be sure that it has a nice aroma. If it does not smell yummy, it will lack in flavor, too.

Use the fruit as soon as possible after you buy it to achieve the best possible results.

If you decide to make dried fruit dipped in chocolate, choose dried fruit that is plump and moist. Not all dried fruit has that delicious sweet flavor. If at all possible, try to taste test the fruit before you buy it.

Be sure to follow your recipe directions. Temperatures in candy making are pretty important. If you over or under heat your ingredients, you will not have the results you are expecting. Although chocolate can be simply melted for dipping, you will have a much better finished candy if you temper the chocolate.

Choose from any of these delicious chocolate coated fruit recipes:

These luscious combinations of chocolate covered fruit candy are a wonderful treat that your whole family can enjoy making and, of course, eating. You can even tell yourself that it is a healthy treat. :)

What Do You Like Covered In Chocolate?

Do you have a recipe for a favorite chocolate covered treat? What is the most bizarre thing you have eaten that was covered in chocolate? Ants, grasshoppers?

Gloat over your latest chocolate covered concoction! If you've got a photo to prove what you say, even better. Go ahead, make my day...

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