Chocolate Covered Coffee Spoons As Gifts

by Lance Mears
(Spokane, WA., USA )

I have been enjoying making Chocolate covered spoons as gifts, and the only way to improve them is by improving the flavor of the Chocolate.

I have yet to try yours, but I have heard the name at high end mocha stands.

I want it to be smooth on the tongue, and I like both milk, and dark chocolate. Any advice on what I might order would be helpful?

Thanks from a Coffee and Chocolate nut.


Hi Lance,

Which brand of chocolate covered spoons are you referring to?

I don't actually sell any chocolate myself, but rather source products that my visitors are looking for to help them find a bit more easily.

I'd suggest trying the Wilbur Wafers chocolate at Candyland Crafts or perhaps some of the marvelous varieties available at They have some really remarkable choices (Venezuelan chocolate, Madagascar chocolate, etc.).

I hope these will help you improve the high quality of your chocolate covered spoons. Yum!


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