Chocolate Confectioners Coating

by Visitor Question

I just want to know what the difference between chocolate confectioners coating and chocolate chips are? Do both work equally as well?

Answer: I believe the main difference between chocolate confectioners coating and chocolate chips is the source of the fat.

Real chocolate has cocoa butter as the fat substance. I'm pretty sure confectioners coating does NOT have cocoa butter, but is made from other forms of fat like palm kernel oil and cottonseed oils, etc.

Chocolate chips usually DO have some cocoa butter in them (but not all brands) so they can legitimately be called "chocolate."

As for if they work equally as well, I guess you could say they do, but you are going to have to decide if you like the taste of the confectioners coating as much as you do chocolate chips or some other higher quality of chocolate.

That is completely a matter of taste! :)


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