Chocolate Cones That Are Fillable

by Sandi
(Carmichael, CA )

Pattern for Making Chocolate Cones

Pattern for Making Chocolate Cones

My daughter saw these chocolate cone shape things {they are fillable} in a magazine. The display was a bunch of them done up, and setting in individual wine glasses.

You could fill them with fruit or just about anything. Of course she showed me a pic and said "Mom can you find out how I can make these?"

It actually looked like if you took a parchment bag, rolled into a cone shape, and then dipped it into chocolate a few times. Hopefully that kind of gives you a visual of the way they looked.

So now my question. Can you help mom look smart here? lol

Is there some type of mold or some trick how we can make these? Any help would be awesome....


Hi Sandi,

I'm pretty sure I know what you are referring to. I believe I saw them once a long time ago, but I can't find them again now (of course).

Do you still have the picture from the magazine? If so, what are the chances of scanning it or taking a photo of it and adding it here so that everyone can get a better idea of what you are looking for?

Here are my thoughts and suggestions. Get some waxed paper and cut it into squares and then in half into triangles (as in the photo above).

Roll the waxed paper into cone shapes for your chocolate molds. Make as many as you need for your occasion.

Here's where it gets tricky. :-)

Idea #1 You can dip the outside of the cone in your melted chocolate as you suggested with the pastry bag idea. The only trouble I foresee is allowing it to set without messing it up.

You can use a piece of florist styrofoam (or styrofoam cups turned upside down) and poke skewers or popsicle sticks in the foam to create a stand for your inverted chocolate covered cones
to set until firm.

Re-dip if you want the chocolate cones to be thicker. When they are ready, gently peal the waxed paper from the inside of the chocolate shaped cone.

Idea #2 Pour melted chocolate into the inside of the paper cones. Be sure the cone is tight at the tip so you don't leak out the chocolate.

Allow the chocolate cone to set for about 10 minutes or so (you'll have to experiment with the timing). You can stand them upright in glasses for that.

The outside of the chocolate will set first, so tip the melted center back into the bowl leaving the outer shell. Stand the cones upside down on a waxed paper lined tray to continue draining, or if you don't mind a bit more in the bottom (tip), place them back in the glasses to harden.

When the chocolate is firm and set, gently remove the waxed paper exterior.

Idea #3 Use a new small paint brush and "paint" the inside of the cones with the melted chocolate. Allow it to set and paint another coat until you reach the desired thickness.

These can be stood in glasses, too, while chocolate is setting and you are painting the others. If you are in a rush, you can pop the cones in the refrigerator to set more quickly.

When they are to your liking, gently remove the waxed paper.

Fill them with your favorite treat - fruit, ice cream, other chocolate candies, pudding, custard, etc.

This really is a great idea and one I should experiment with myself. You could use white chocolate or maybe add some mint extract to the milk or dark chocolate. Hmmm. Lots of possibilities.

Sure hope this helps your daughter think of you as "Super Mom!"

I'd love to see and hear about how your chocolate cones turn out. Be sure to give us all the details.


Comments for Chocolate Cones That Are Fillable

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Apr 30, 2013
Easy chocolate cones NEW
by: Anonymous

I used a sugar ice cream come. Wrapped the out in wax paper and dip let it dry and re-dip until you get the thickness then untape from top of cone and it slides right off.

When wrapping sugar cone start at corner and wrap tightly taping the top corner if paper to inside of cone.

Feb 25, 2013
chocolate cones-Reeces Liverpool 1954 NEW
by: richard

just found internet site they have silicon spiralcones trays might fit the bill for
"Chocolate Cones That Are Fillable" depends on how many you are likely to make. Still like the wax paper cones you suggested.

Feb 25, 2013
chocolate cones-Reeces Liverpool 1954 NEW
by: richard w.n.

As a treat when my mother and I went shopping in Liverpool 1954 1960 would go to Reeces Ice Cream Milk Shake Bar and Coffee Shop.
They sold what they called Chocolate Piramids. They were CHOCOLATE coned shaped with a biscuit base a ganache light but utterly scrumptious interior covered in a hard chocolate not particularly dark chocolate but set.
Ironically I have come upon your article by accident as I am about to recreate my childhood dream cake!
I was looking for a cone shape container to make my take on the Chocolate Pyramid I breathlessly waited for when my mum had her tea and scones.
My wife has suggested Confectionary or Ice Cream equipment might have the cone shape I desire but your waxed paper idea appeals. Paul Hollingwood as a bake off challenge required the contestants to make tea cakes I am going to use the chocolate mixture he used as a starting point for the hard outer covering

Jan 16, 2011
Chocolate cones
by: Bar Candy

Or you could just order from me!
This is my company, and these are very difficult to produce with a slick professional look. Not to mention, I have them custom made to fit into the glass stems. FYI- I also a a patent on them! Contact me for current deals! They are made fresh, and shipped over night with the custom glass stems.

Sep 14, 2010
Gateau Chocolat Mousse (sp?)
by: Anonymous

Melt 2.5 cups semi sweet chocolate in a stainless bowl over boiling water slowly adding 2.5 Tablespoons vegetable oil or until it is a consistency that will pour slightly.
Get cone paper cups that you see near water coolers.
Pour the chocolate into the cones to fill swirl around and pour out excess chocolate. Turn upside down on a grid set into a hotel pan or cookie tin to control mess. Quik freeze the cones which can later be filled with Mousse or creme Anglaise and plug the bottom with a circle cut from a chocolat cake made to fill a sheet pan 3/8 inch thick or so. A nice raspberry Coulis perhaps.

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