Chocolate Coating Cracking

by Kelly

I am having a problem with my chocolate coating cracking after dipping cake pops.

I am attempting to make cake pops and after dipping I am having trouble with my chocolate getting cracks in it.

I am using white chocolate bark.

I have tried random things such as:

  • I've tried different temps of cake on stick. It has to be cold enough to stay firm on the stick and not fall off.
  • I have tried refrigerating and not after dipping.

I am getting very frustrated as I have people that want to place orders and I want to fix this problem first...

Thanks for any tips!

Hi Kelly,

Have you tried double dipping your cake pops? Once the first layer of chocolate sets and cracks, go over them all again for a second dip.

Hopefully that should do the trick. It may be that the moistness of the cake is causing the chocolate to draw up and crack.

Do let me know if double dipping solves the chocolate coating cracking problem.


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Sep 23, 2011
Chocolate Coating Cracking on Pretzels
by: Angie

One tip I read recently regarding the dipping of chocolate covered pretzels and cracking problems was in David Jones book, "Candy Making for Dummies."

He said that he found that if you leave the pretzels out overnight before dipping them, it seems to keep them from cracking as they often do after a few days or so.

I haven't yet put this tip to the test, but I wanted to mention it for the person who was asking about this problem in the comments above.

David claimed that the taste of the pretzels was not noticeably any different, so I guess he meant they don't taste stale from being left out. :)

Jan 15, 2011
by: Shelley

I have the same problem before.
After refrigerating the cake pops, you then dip the stick on chocolate. finish the whole batch for the stick to settle and the moist from refrigerating has settled as well. it cracks because as soon as the cake pops are out of the refrigerator - it expands thus the cake will crack if you dipped it too soon...hope this helps

Aug 24, 2010
chocolate cracking on chocolate covered pretzels
by: Anonymous

I make double dipped chocolate pretzel rods. I refrigerate between each dip. Cracks start to appear after about a week of storage and deepen as the length of storing the chocolate covered pretzels increases. The longer I store the pretzels the deeper and more numerous the cracks. I have tried different tempertures of chocolate, different brands of pretzels, dipping the pretzels completely, etc. with no success. Has anyone had a similar experience and found a solution? I would appeciate some information.
Thank you.

Aug 12, 2010
Same deal here!
by: Anonymous

So, I made my cake pops for the first time and found some cracked. Wondered what the deal was and want to know if double dipping them solved the problem.

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