Chocolate Chips To Mold Candy?

by Steph
(Lincoln, ME)

Can you use just regular chocolate chips to mold candy? Or does it have to be Wilton or something comparable?

Anybody know?

Hi Steph,

Sure, you can use chocolate chips to make molded chocolate candy. You can really use whatever kind of chocolate you like. You could even melt Hershey bars, etc.

The quality of the chocolate will determine the taste of the molded candy. It's going to taste the same after you mold it as it does if you eat it in the original form (unless you add something to it, like flavored oils, or fillings).

Hope that answers your question sufficiently. Why not show us your finished molded candy when you get done? We'd love to see it!


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Jan 12, 2009
I like to use dark chocolate
by: Madalena

Hello. I recently stated making candy and I used several kinds of chocolates to see what worked best. I used regular chocolate chips (milk, dark and white chocolate.) I also tried the Wilton candy melts (dark chocolate). Out of all that I used I liked the dark chocolate (regular chips) and the Wilton candy melts. Why? Well because a few reasons actually. I liked the final outcome of the dark chocolates. They were more appealing to the eye (lol) as in nice and shiny! The main reason was the ease to work with them. They tended to stay the consistency I needed for longer periods of time. The White chocolate is another story all together.
Hope this helped, good luck!!


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