Chocolate Changing Color

by Laura Warkentin
(Reedley, CA)

We made a caramel/milk chocolate/heavy cream round candy ball.

We dipped the candy ball in mixture of Hershey's semisweet chocolate chips melted in the microwave with a little Crisco shortening.

The next day the chocolate covered candies are lightening to various shades of brown. What's happening?

Hi Laura,

It sounds like your chocolate is changing color because of chocolate "bloom." This happens when chocolate is exposed to either moisture or changes in temperature.

What temperature was the ball centers when you covered them in chocolate? Did you chill the candy at all? This could be the problem.

Or if there was changes in temperature in the room where they were sitting, the same thing could happen.

You have 3 options at this point...

1. Leave them as they are and just enjoy the taste. The discoloration doesn't affect the taste, just the appearance.

2. Allow the balls to be completely at room temperature and then dip them in a second coating of melted chocolate to cover up the discoloration.

3. Start over and be sure that your centers are room temperature before dipping. Don't chill to set. Just let them set at room temperature.

Chocolate changing color is a problem a lot of people encounter, so don't feel badly. Practice makes perfect.


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